Case Study


Fluechem are now offering an increased, strategic stock holding of AUS40 at the Panama Canal zone to ensure deliveries at 24 hours’ notice.

The availability of AUS40 in Panama has generally been extremely limited, especially at short notice and around the Panama Canal Zone. Naturally, this has led to some supply issues for vessels with an urgent requirement or order change when transiting the region en route to an NOx Environmental Control Area (NECA).

How we can help

Fluechem has been working with a number of its key customers to explore ways to provide AUS40 to vessels in the region on a regular or urgent basis.

Working with our local partners, we have now increased our strategic stockholding in Colon to provide our customers greater flexibility and assurance of supply by having AUS40 available by truck at 24 hours’ notice for delivery within the Panama Canal zone.

Our comprehensive service  

We can supply AUS40 in 1,000l IBCs (265 US gallon totes) directly to the vessel by truck or by launch whether alongside or at anchor. We can also offer a pumped bulk solution where we remove the IBCs and reuse them in line with our sustainability goals.

Fluechem has many years of global experience in the maritime industry and the recognition that the supply and demand for AUS40 can become unbalanced in specific regions, has led to the company engaging with its customers to deliver solutions when and where they are needed. We hold AUS40 strategic stock holdings at a number of strategic locations around the world including Galveston, Rotterdam and Singapore serving the key maritime regions.

One phone call is all you need to arrange an end to end supply and delivery service.

Our empowered dynamic team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to discuss your requirements and work out the most cost effective solution to meet your unplanned or urgent requirements, driven by changes to vessels routing or to meet lead times for complex logistical requirements as well as long term arrangements to guarantee delivery at the most cost effective rate.