Case Study


Fluechem was approached by a new customer urgently requiring 3,000 litres of AUS40 for delivery in Turkey at short notice. To add complexity, the request came over the New Year period, with a turnaround time of just 72 hours.

The customer was a family-owned ship management company who recently celebrated 80 years in business but had limited experience with the supply of AUS40 in the region. They contacted Fluechem following a recommendation from a previous customer who had advised that we were suitable to provide the timely service within the tight deadlines and complexities.

The Challenge

The vessel was transiting through the Bosphorus on 30th December on its way to the Black Sea and required a solution which minimised any delays, whilst recognising that the AUS40 bulk storage capacity onboard was very small.  It was agreed that a bulk delivery solution was not the preferred option as the vessel would have to stop and delay its transit whilst the AUS40 was pumped onboard.

The Solution

Despite the holiday period between Christmas and New Year, the Fluechem duty manager mobilised the product and delivery team to explore options which optimised the cost within the vessel’s operational constraints. The team contacted the vessel directly, and it was agreed to supply the AUS40 in three 1,000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) so that the ship’s crew could top up the onboard AUS40 storage tanks and also have sufficient reserve for future consumption.


To meet the deadlines, the AUS40 was sourced locally using one of Fluechem’s extensive network of carefully selected production partners and the logistics were set in place to deliver the product by launch, crucially, whilst the vessel remained in transit. As with all Fluechem launch deliveries, space on the launch was also made available to the customer and was utilised to transfer critical ship spares to the vessel, reducing the overall unit costs.

Successful Outcome

On the 2nd January 2022, less than 72 hours after the initial enquiry, the three IBCs of AUS40 and critical ship spares were safely delivered to the vessel by launch as it continued to transit the Bosphorus. The vessel slowed for just 20 minutes during the transfer, meaning there was no impact on the vessel’s arrival time at the next port, indicating a successful product delivery for Fluechem.

The operation was possible due to Fluechem’s commitment to deliver AUS40 and other marine emission control solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year – supported by an empowered, dynamic team with extensive experience in delivering unique cost effective solutions when the customer needs it and where the customer needs it.

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