Case Study


Fluechem’s strategic AUS40 stock holding and partnership with T&T Offshore in Galveston reduces emissions and saves a customer thousands of dollars.

Fluechem were requested to arrange the delivery of 10 x 330 Gallon IBC’s of AUS40 to be sent with a tight turnaround on a Sunday morning in Galveston. We were required to utilise our AUS40 strategic stock holding in Galveston by truck to a customer’s agents for onward delivery to a vessel by launch later in the week. The truck was booked at a premium rate due to the weekend delivery on a Sunday as requested by the customer.


However, following Day before Delivery checklist, which we do as part of our product delivery approach, our logistics team in the UK and local partner in Galveston; T&T Offshore, identified that the delivery could be optimised by using a T&T launch available very close to the strategic stock holding to deliver directly to the vessel thereby avoiding the use of the truck to move the IBCs.


The matter was discussed with the agent and customer and it was agreed that the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive way to deliver the IBC’s was by direct T&T Offshore launch avoiding multiple handling operations.


Having a dynamic team with local partners monitoring every stage of the delivery process from the first customer enquiry through the actual delivery and into the after sales programme, means we can offer a seamless and integrated service by empowered people who care about delivering the best possible outcome for the customer in line with our overarching founders business principles.


In this case the customer saved the cost of the truck to move the IBC’s and the overall launch cost was reduced due to the location of T&T Offshore’s launch and proximity of the customer’s vessel. Furthermore, the overall emissions for the delivery were reduced by >40% providing a greener solution for all parties


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