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How Fluechem Ensure Seamless Product Delivery

Knowing that your AUS40 and Caustic Soda 50% supplier has a robust approach to product delivery is as comforting as it is essential. With multiple global stakeholders and potentially complicated purchasing and delivering processes it’s imperative that every element of every delivery process from the initial enquiry to delivery and ongoing product support is meticulously planned and executed.

With decades of experience, the team at Fluechem ensures that we treat every delivery, whatever the size, on an individual basis to understand its complexities, deadlines, potential risks and cost saving opportunities. We break each delivery down to its core service elements to understand the customers’ requirements and set clear expectations for the Fluechem team.

We sat down with Fluechem CEO, Niall Roberts, where he outlined the typical steps to a delivery which make a fail-safe way of guaranteeing product quality and a best-in-class service each and every time.

1 -Scoping

The crucial first step is in understanding the customer requirements and full delivery scope – what are the potential risks and opportunities: deadlines, operational limitations, cost commitments? Who is involved and who are the key stakeholders? Are there any wider industry or company-wide factors to consider including compliance with regulatory, port and customer guidelines? What are the stakeholder expectations and product standards?

Our dedicated team will work with you to understand these key factors and build this into the delivery plan, tailored for you and your requirements.

Failure to get this step right will almost definitely lead to unwelcome delivery deviations – whether it’s delayed, fails to meet expectations or incurs unexpected costs. We make sure to take all risks into account from the outset, which mitigates any potential surprises for the customer or Fluechem throughout during the process.

2 – Agility

We know that plans in the maritime industry change all the time and whilst it’s important to have the scope defined from the outset, this doesn’t mean we can’t adapt and adjust based on changing factors as we move through the process. Our ability to shift the focus and be agile in the way we work is a key differentiator for our business which ensures we can get the job done to the standard you expect. The maritime industry is constantly adapting and facing new challenges and our experience and skillset places us strongly to combat these whilst delivering Caustic Soda 50% and AUS40 anywhere in the world, where you need it and when you need it within the agreed cost .

3 – Communication

Communication is key to any plan. We ensure to be upfront and honest at every step – our team will always be transparent and forthright – if something does go wrong unavoidably, you’ll be first to know about it with a clear idea on how we plan to resolve this and move forwards in an agile way.

Our empowered team focuses on the unique requirements of each delivery and the client, utilising their expertise and experience to find the most cost effective and appropriate solution. The team are all trained in Fluechem’s delivery processes and checklist to ensure that they not only deliver the work, but also keep you up to date along the way with key milestones, delivery schedules as well as potential risks and opportunities.

When will the delivery process start and finish? How much will it cost? Do you foresee any challenges? All of these questions will be answered at the start, during and at the close of the work, allowing you to feel assured that we are managing your delivery to our own and your high standards and expectations every time.

4 – Control

In addition to planning, agile working and clear communication, our team have a clear focus on quality – getting things done and maintaining momentum despite challenges, working through obstacles and adapting to feedback are a key part of what we do.

Having a keen eye on the detail and the ‘small stuff’ leads to a successful delivery for you.

5 – Delivery

When wrapping up a delivery, we ask ourselves six key questions to understand if it has been successful:

  1. Have we delivered vs the agreed scope and customer requirements?
  2. Does the customer have everything they need?
  3. Is the client happy with the overall output?
  4. Have we delivered in line with our own values?
  5. Could we have done more for our customer?
  6. What could be have done better?

Having a strong feedback loop where we celebrate success and build on opportunities allows us to constantly innovate and optimise our processes and improve our standards for all of our customers.


Successful product deliveries can seem straightforward, but there are various challenges we all face in the maritime industry which can cause unnecessary deviations and lead to unplanned costs, time and stress. By using our end-to-end delivery management processes, we aim to mitigate all of these and keep all of our deliveries on course every time.

Clear planning, working in an agile way, communication and control take ensure every delivery meets everyone’s expectations – which are set collectively by every stakeholder. This is our measure of success.

To find out if Fluechem can help you with the supply of AUS40 and Caustic Soda 50% anywhere in the world, where you need it and when you need it get in touch today.

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