Urea Generator Systems

Urea Generator Systems. Marine Grade Urea Solutions.

Our innovative Urea Generator System is a cost effective, market leading solution that allows ship owners to blend their own Urea solution onboard or portside.

Fully automated Urea blending systems for the marine sector enabling users to blend Urea (dry) prills on board their ships via our Urea Generator Systems reducing OPEX costs whilst saving space required on board the ship traditionally reserved for urea storage tanks – increasing revenues for ship owners whilst they reduce NOx emissions.

Some of the benefits:​​

  • ​Save up to 60% on OPEX costs
  • Extra Revenue (less space consumed)
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Improved global supply options
  • Overcome issues associated with AUS and shelf life issues through blending dry urea on board

Fluechem Technology offers fully automated blending systems for land-based appliances and also for marine on board blending for users whom wish to blend their own Caustic or Urea prills to save costs.

If you wish to receive our blueprint or whitepaper for our Urea Generator Systems marine blending editions please contact us today, we can design and implement a producing system that will cover your ships IMO Tier III requirements, making your vessel as financial efficient as possible.