Urea Generator Systems

Urea Generator Systems - AUS40 Solutions for the Marine Industry

Our innovative UreaGenerator System is a proven cost effective, market leading solution that enables the operator to blend their own ISO standard urea solution (AUS40) onboard or onshore, as and when they need it, controlling quality, saving time, money and reducing emissions further.

A vessel based urea blending system can, depending on the vessels trading pattern:


  1. Save up to 60% on OPEX costs;
  2. Achieve a 50% reduction in the weight and space used on board a vessel allowing extra cargo capacity /reduced weight;
  3. Reduce emissions by 110%, when compared to the current method of supplying urea solutions in port;
  4. Improve global supply options to deliver security of supply;
  5. Overcome quality issues associated with AUS40 shelf life through blending dry urea on board.


Fluechem offers a range of urea generator systems based on proven onshore technology, which can be matched to a specific consumption to maximise value and reduce risk. They can be fully automated, or manual depending upon the blending capacity and frequency of use and are designed to be installed on an existing or new build vessel by our experienced engineers without any downtime or operational impact.

Please give us a call to discuss a no obligation proposal which shows the operational and commercial benefits of using a urea generator system on your vessel or fleet of vessels.


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