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Supplier of Chemical Solutions for the Shipping Industry

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Fluechem is a global leader in the environmental transformation of the shipping industry.

Our pioneering technology and support services have one objective: to clean exhaust gases. We deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenge of IMO environmental compliance, promoting cleaner air and water for all.

On a technical level Fluechem focuses on abating SOx, CO2 & NOx exhaust gas emissions through scrubber, additive and SCR based technology. Our exhaust gas reduction chemicals are produced from our strategically situated production facilities, resulting in low lead times to end users requiring bunkered reagents or production systems to abate exhaust emissions. Serving the government, power sector, marine sector.

On a practical level, we solve problems for the shipping industry.

Our technology & chemical know-how allows us to offer complex consumers the finished blended chemical formulations to most ports globally.

For customers who wish to produce the finished AUS40 (40% Urea Solution) we offer the UREA Generator by Fluechem for the marine market. Our micro Urea Generator fits on board marine vessels reducing OPEX costs through avoiding bunkering process (also enables the vessel to operate in ECA waters for longer), whilst they are reducing NOx / SOx air pollution.

Fluechem was established to achieve environmental transformation in the global shipping industry, by delivering real world solutions to the challenge of emission reduction and it’s something we continue do for our customers throughout the world.