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Meet the CEO




Niall Roberts is the CEO of Fluechem and serves on its board of directors working with the groups stakeholders such as Ipotane Heavy Chemical who are a medium size producer of basic chemicals derived from the Haber process (Urea) & Chlor Alkali (Caustic) in China & Russia. Utilising his knowledge of basic chemicals industries, commodities and shipping to provide added value for downstream products, and emerging markets such emissions reduction sectors which Fluechem is becoming a world class leader in.

Before being appointed CEO December 2019 to head Fluechem’s global strategies for emissions reduction, Niall was Director of Prasinus Holdings Ltd. Some of the responsibilities held included worldwide sales and operations, entailing end-to-end management of Prasinus’s supply chain, and service and support in all 23 markets and countries that the company operated in. He was also involved in assisting the framework quality guidance for the ISO 18611 which governs the quality of Urea solution (AUS40) for ocean going vessels adhering to the IMO Tier III regulations within the marine sector. Prior to joining Prasinus, Niall was general manager (and still remains an active advisor to this day) at Streamline Shipping Group Ltd and was responsible for marine liner trade / bulk operations whilst ensuring new trends and sector patterns were adopted to provide sustainable growth. Niall earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Maritime Business & Law and furthered his studies at York University studying International Law LLP.

Meet the Aberdeen Team

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Financial Controller

I joined Fluechem in August 2022 as the Financial Controller, bringing two decades of financial experience to the team.

My role involves managing various financial aspects, including accounting, credit control, accounts payable, cash flow reporting, budgeting, and providing reports to Company Management and the Board of Directors.

What makes this journey exciting is the company’s dynamic nature. It’s a young, fast-growing organisation where every day is a fresh challenge. We value decision-making, encourage continuous learning, and embrace innovation as a team.

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Customer & Office Supervisor

I’m thrilled to be part of Fluechem as the Customer & Office Supervisor, bringing seven years of oil and gas industry experience and a creative edge from my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts.

My organisational skills, attention to detail, and strong work ethic have solidified my role within the team.

What excites me most about being here is Fluechem’s commitment to both its customers and employees. I’m driven by the opportunity to contribute to a company that values excellence in customer service and innovative solutions. As Customer & Office Supervisor, my goal is to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer care.

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Head of Logistics

I’m Mike, Fluechem’s Head of Logistics. With over a decade in the oil and gas industry, I’m a dedicated professional focused on achieving success and personal growth. My expertise encompasses logistics, supply chain management, and project execution.

As Head of Logistics, my role is critical to our operations. I oversee the efficient management of our supply chain and project departments.

My extensive experience from various industry roles has given me a deep understanding of logistics and project execution complexities. I’m excited to contribute my knowledge and skills to Fluechem’s continued success.

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Compliance & Operations Co-ordinator

I’m Chloe, serving as Fluechem’s Compliance & Operations Coordinator. With over 7 years’ experience in the legal sector, I’m genuinely excited to be part of this team. What truly captivates me about Fluechem is its unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity.

In my role, I ensure that our operations adhere to legal and regulatory standards. My dedication lies in upholding the highest level of compliance, ensuring that our practices are ethically and legally sound.