Why Work With


Our team of industry experts have many years of experience, operating on a global scale. This deep-rooted knowledge allows us to deliver innovative solutions for even the most challenging and complex problems. Many years of hands-on involvement ensures our customers receive a best-in-class service each and every time. Due to our extensive global network we can deliver where others can’t.



Independence is one of our most fiercely guarded assets. At our strategic core is a commitment to working with a wide range of carefully selected partners. This ensures we are always able to offer the best product at best value at all times. Independence also allows us to adapt, optimise and deliver without being locked to one manufacturer or logistics supplier.



At the heart of everything we do is an unwavering commitment to delivering flexible and adaptable solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Independence not only means we have no overarching corporate agenda that bloats delivery times and prices but it also ensures that customers get direct access to our experts with their proven track record for delivering a personalised service.



With an extensive network of suppliers Fluechem is in the enviable position of being able to guarantee supply from secured resources, even when the market is constrained. This unmatched network of expert manufactures gives us the ability to deliver Urea and Caustic Soda 50% to all main shipping ports within 24 hours of receiving request. As well as this Fluechem has a variety of contingency plans in place to offset unforeseen challenges around manufacturing and transport logistics.



The ability to react at speed to global supply requests is a fundamental pillar of our service offering. On hand 24/7, 365 days a year along supported by an empowered, dynamic team of experts ensures rapid decision making. This is further complemented by the fact our low overheads result in competitive pricing on every job. This nimble, dynamic, customer centric approach is what sets Fluechem apart as AUS40 and Sodium Hydroxide suppliers.



With such an experienced technical team operating within the business, Fluechem is able to assure that deliveries are made in line with international standards each and every time. This insistence in excellence also ensures the customer support team is able to address quality anomalies with speed and expertise.



A core goal of Fluechem is to always look at how and where we can deliver solutions to the challenges our customers face on a day-to-day basis. Primarily we recognise that the ability to reduce costs and emissions sit high on your agenda and that’s why it forms such a big part of our ethos. Products such as the Urea Generator by Fluechem demonstrates how we have utilised proven technology in different applications.



Whilst our area of expertise sits in the maritime and shipping industry we are able to service both the onshore and offshore markets with equal success. This versatility is born from our strict adherence to the principles of putting customers and solutions first and foremost in everything we do.