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Fluechem’s Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our Foundation - business with a purpose.

Purpose - We believe the best way to solve environmental and social problems is through business, and as we grow our intention is to highlight the benefit we bring to the planet and people even further. Our belief is realised as instead of putting profit as the centre point, our purpose is the focus, which in turn delivers our success.
People - People make the place, and this flows with each business decision we make. We strive to ensure that we are accountable in supporting and improving the health of our team and the communities in which we operate.
Planet - Throughout each step at Fluechem we have the health of our environment at the forefront, and we relentlessly measure and analyse the environmental performance of our chemicals (such as AdBlue® or AUS40) making sure it is produced to the highest environmentally friendly standard. After all our chemicals reduce air pollution so it would be ironic if we didn’t.

Beginning to the end - we consider the past, present and use this in our future.

The Concept
All the raw materials used in our formulas are comprehensively assessed for safety and environmental health, and this includes our product packaging which we evaluate for recyclability.

Each manufacturing process is evaluated according to the energy used and material recovery. We use this evaluation for continuous improvement.

Animal friendly
No animal testing is conducted within our organisation. We do not endorse it either. No animal by-products are used in our formulations. 100% free from the gross stuff.

Cruelty-free company
We promote and donate to charities that actively campaign against all types of cruelty.

Climate Conscious - we are working to find new solutions to tackle climate change.

Our aim is to eradicate unnecessary CO2 emissions from sourcing, product manufacturing, distribution and company operations and we provide incentives to help in this reduction process. This has led to us opening factories and supply points across the globe so that we reduce our environmental footprint while being close to the communities we serve. Throughout our supply chain we champion suppliers who also use technology that reduces NOx & SOx emissions whilst bringing us their service or raw materials.

For the CO2 emissions we can’t avoid during our production and supply of chemicals we make direct investments and provide incentives to our suppliers to assist them in investing in more energy efficient ways of working such as equipment or lighting.

Alternative energy
We buy renewable energy credits for all our manufacturing sites and try to implement biodiesel as a power source using SCR & Scrubber technology for the exhaust gases.

Delivering without the smoke
Our products are carried on modern trucks that adhere to the latest EURO standard. Our NOx reduction chemicals are delivered on a NOx reduction service

Manufacturing & Distribution

Greensourcing program
We are not content just reinventing caustic and urea products, we also want to think of new ways to produce them. We invite our key suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials to work with us towards our ultimate goal of zero waste manufacturing, under our greensourcing program.

Fuel efficiency
Our domestic shipments are done so by carriers who use the latest driving software which improves driver performance and reduces their environmental footprint whilst bringing you your goods.

Biodiesel or EURO fleets
Our goods are moved on EURO trucks using DEF / AdBlue® or biodiesel in countries that do not have access to this technology.

Sourcing- when it comes to procuring & raw materials, we take a ‘responsible’ approach.

Supplier Selection
We work with our raw material & packaging suppliers to derive solutions that reduce materials used in our Caustic, AdBlue® or AUS40 products. From the plastics in our packaging to the raw materials, we adhere to the highest material and quality standards and manufacture in environmentally responsible ways.

Renewable Recycle Cycle
We are working to reduce the use of materials that are non renewable across our product line, from our bottling to our bulk deliveries.

We work with our suppliers to analyse the environmental impact of making our raw materials and to identify best practices. As we have producing sites across the world our internal subsidiary companies can procure from each other sites which ensures that we reduce the distance our product travels to our cross border customers.


Fluechem’s intention is to operate in accordance with recognised HSEQ best practice and management principles thereby protecting:
· The health and safety of those directly involved with our activities and, where possible, third parties.
· The environment by preventing, or minimising, significant adverse environmental impact associated with our activities.
Our ultimate aim is to have zero incidents.

Fluechem’s HSEQ culture is driven by the following core values:
· Behaving proactively; intervening to correct HSEQ non-conformances is essential.
· HSEQ has equal prominence to all other business considerations in decision making.
· Compliance with legal requirements, associated codes of practice and guidance is regarded as a minimum standard.
· Work undertaken is properly planned and risk assessed to ensure it does not involve unacceptable, or uncontrolled, risk to personnel or to the environment.
· All accidents, incidents and non-conformances are reported and investigated.
· Remedial actions required, following investigation, are promptly implemented.


Fluechem’s intention is to operate in a sustainable way creating value for stakeholders and using resources so that the needs of future generations will not be compromised, respecting people, the environment and the society as a whole.

Fluechem’s commitment is that the company and its staff will operate in compliance with four principles of sustainable operation. We will:

· Meet business needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
· Identify and address material sustainability impacts in our daily approach to business.
· Play our part in achieving the UN's sustainable development goals.
· Recognise that operating sustainably is not an option but a condition for future prosperity and remaining in business.


Fluechem’s existence is part of a bigger system of people, values, other organizations and nature. The social responsibility of Fluechem is to give back to the world as the world gives to the company.

Fluechem’s effort focuses on giving something back to the world as it strives to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Fluechem’s social responsibility falls under two categories: Compliance and Proactiveness.

Where Compliance details Fluechem’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values including Legality, Business Ethics, Environment, Protecting people and Human rights and Proactiveness Fluechem’s initiatives to promote
human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment including Donations and aid, Volunteering, Preserving the environment, Supporting the community and Learning. Fluechem is committed to the United Nations Global Compact on sustainability principles and will readily act to promote the company’s identity as a socially aware and responsible business.