AUS40 & AdBlue

Suppliers of AUS40 & AdBlue Bunkering. NOx Chemical Reduction

Marine AUS40 bunkering and bulk urea chemical supply for the shipping industry.

Fluechem is an international supplier of Marine AUS40. With over a decade of experience we offer spot or contractual fills to any international location or port across our strategic network where we place great emphasis on ensuring our logistics (one of the most important aspects) is conducted in a safe, timely & environmentally friendly manner.

​Our team has a wealth of experience in conducting challenging bunker fills to remote locations under short notices to customers operating under time restrictions. We are able to deliver to vessels via barge delivery at LNG terminals or to rigs out at sea, our knowledge and infrastructure allows us to mobilise supply chains effectively and our technical expertise helps keep you safe and compliant.

Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS)

We blend AUS to various strengths such as; 32.5% Urea Solution (AdBlue®), 40% Urea Solution (AUS40) or to a stronger 50% concentration for NOx reduction via SCR or SNCR technology systems.  AdBlue® & AUS40 is globally produced by us using pure automotive grade urea as a raw material in conjunction with purified RO water.

Quality & Price Promise  

​All our blended liquid Urea formulations are manufactured close to ports allowing for easy exports allowing us to provide low lead times for our AUS40 bunker operations. We try to avoid transporting our water-based Urea products as much as possible by producing it locally, minimising our Carbon footprint whilst offering customers cost savings.

​We are relentless in the pursuit of quality of our manufactured Urea formulations and work to an improved ISO standard through developing our own unique additives under a Kaizen production model. Our R&D has enabled us to enhance the NOx abatement process (reducing your consumption per liter / NOx removed), but in doing so improving the life cycle of your SCR equipment through reducing chemical impurities found in the exhaust flue post combustion / reaction phase.

​The Quality Standard that governs AdBlue® is the ISO 22241 & for AUS40 it’s the ISO 18611.

Who We Work With

​Our liquid Urea blends are specifically used for NOx reduction purposes within the industrial, energy & transport (automotive / marine) industry with a particular focus and specialism in the global shipping sector.

Additives We Offer

​Our AUS40 (40% Urea Solution) additives reduce clogging in SCR systems and also improves the AUS shelf life in warm / hot conditions.  If you have a AUS40 shelf life problem please refer to FC40ULTRA+  (this can be added prior or post manufacturing – in the event your vessel or truck is remotely positioned).

FC40ULTRA; is a pure hybrid Urea blend formulated to a 40% strength specially for the marine sector. Containing additives which enhance engine performance whilst cleaning the exhaust flue avoiding crystallization. Global bunkering supply available. (except ex pipe).