Case Study


October 5th and 6th 2022 saw the Fluechem team head to Rotterdam for the 2nd Envirotech for Shipping Forum, an event focusing on innovation, technology & hardware, energy transition, digitalisation, offshore and crew management within the shipping industry. Envirotech acts as a platform for ship owners, ship builders, operators, ship management companies, ports, service providers and manufacturers to discuss the latest challenges, innovations and developments within our industry as well as working as an opportunity to network with colleagues from around the globe.

As well as attending, Fluechem hosted our own exhibition stand, meaning we could discuss the varied products and services provided by our team of experts in person with prospective and existing customers. In particular, this platform allowed us to extol the virtues of our innovative UreaGenerator and the progress made with the delivery of this market leading onboard urea (AUS40) production system, a project we are delivering in partnership with Italy based manufacturing experts, ARAN. Amongst its many benefits, the UreaGenerator helps ship owners to reduce emissions, increase operational flexibility and also to drastically reduce costs by minimising factors such as transportation outlays and eliminates challenges around shelf-life of pre-produced AUS40.


Topping off our visit to the Forum was a presentation given by Fluechem’s very own Matt Bower. Matt currently works as our Chief Project Officer and is responsible for the delivery of all of Fluechem’s emission reduction Projects. As a Master Mariner Matt and has over 40 years’ experience in the Marine and Offshore O&G industry, focusing on projects and operational excellence with extensive experience in the application of the TRL process to deliver technology related projects from basic concept to fully operational status including all the key project elements. He has personally led the team to deliver the first successful marine UreaGenerator achieving another milestone in Fluechem’s vision to reduce global marine emissions. The presentation was extremely well received by all in attendance and the slides can be viewed below as a PDF or watched as a video.


Speaking about the Forum, Fluechem CEO Niall Roberts said, “It goes without saying that the rapid development of communications technology has been revolutionised the world of business. We can chat to someone anywhere in the world at any time and it’s enabled businesses like Fluechem to grow at an exponential pace. However, there’s nothing quite like taking the opportunity to press the flesh and meet colleagues, customers and prospective partners face to face. Our trip to Rotterdam allowed the team to chat in depth about how Fluechem can help solve vessel’s marine emission compliance problems and it was a fabulous chance for Matt to really get across the enormous benefits that, in particular, our UreaGenerator delivers.”


For ship owners and operators looking to reduce emissions, increase overall efficiencies and reduce costs in the use of AUS40 then we’re happy to discuss how our very own UreaGenerator can revolutionise this particularly important part of your operation. With business cases showing annual savings of over $130k the UreaGenerator has been hailed as the future of onboard urea (AUS40) production.