Case Study

How Fluechem Delivers Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Products and Services

With increased stringency the shipping industry is facing more and more pressure to reduce emissions particularly SOx, CO2 and NOx exhaust gas emissions.

With this in mind the team at Fluechem is doing everything it can to exceed the measures taken by other suppliers within the sector. Since the conception of our business, our vision has always been to be environmentally conscious, with the health of our environment at the forefront of our strategic objectives and decisions.

How do we approach this challenging topic? Well, we relentlessly measure and analyse the environmental performance of our products, such as AUS40 and Caustic Soda, along with our operational activities to supply these products. We do everything we can to ensure the environmental impact of our customers’ and our own business is minimized as far as possible.

Central to our efforts are four main aspects:

One – Compliance

Providing a 24/7, 365 days a year service to our customers, wherever they are in the world, allows us to stand by our commitment to ensure that all vessels who contact us can comply with and exceed where determined, the relevant emission controls for the area where they operate. Our bespoke service enables constant emission compliance and reduction.

Two – Minimisation

Our aim is to minimise unnecessary emissions from sourcing, product manufacturing, distribution and company operations and we provide support to help in this reduction process. This has led to us utilising factories and supply points across the globe to reduce our environmental footprint by minimising the distance between the producer and customer. Throughout our supply chain we champion suppliers who use innovation and technology to reduce emissions during the manufacturing process.

Three – Alternative Energy

We focus on sourcing our products from manufacturers with strong ESG principles and ethics along with green strategies to reduce power overall and replace it with sustainable sources, to further reduce emissions in the supply chain.

Four – Delivering Without the Smoke

We strive to ensure all of our products are carried in bulk by sustainable modes of transport including modern trucks that adhere to the latest EURO standard. We target to deliver our NOx reduction chemicals by a NOx reducing logistics service.

Product Innovation

As well as the above, our revolutionary products, such as the Urea Generator, are leading the way in direct and indirect efforts to help ship operators stay environmentally compliant whilst also directly  reducing emissions onboard and well as indirectly reducing emissions from the supply chain thereby saving them time, space and money in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Urea Generator is a proven system that allows you to blend your own AUS40 onboard through the use of Urea Prills as opposed to purchasing bulky pre-mixed solutions. This reduces the weight of the materials to be supplied to the ship by more than 50% resulting in a material reduction in the logistics required and subsequent reduction of emissions. The bags of urea prills, along with the generator itself, take up far less space and weight onboard a vessel, when compared to a conventional process, reducing the vessels power requirements and ultimately overall emissions.  We see the urea generator as the next step change in reducing marine NOx emissions.

Environmental Responsibility in Shipping Supplies

You can also be assured of our environmental responsibility in the manufacturing and distribution process, along with our sourcing when it comes to procuring raw materials. From the plastics in our packaging to the materials from our suppliers, we adhere to the highest material and quality standards, providing products in the most environmentally responsible ways and are constantly looking at ways to provide a recycling service for the containers and bags we provide.

Be confident with Fluechem that you have made the right decision to use a sustainable business with strong ethical standing who are striving to make change the future of the shipping industry.

For more information about our products and services including the global supply of  global supply of AUS40 and  and Urea Generator please contact the team today – we are available 24/7 365 days a year to help you meet your environmental goals.